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Write For Us + Photography Guest Post: Investigate The Guest Posting Guidelines Here!


The article discusses how to present a professional article and lists the Write for Us + Photography Guest Post writers’ needed requirements as well.

Are you the person who loves to capture people’s favourite moments? Were you more interested in your photography skills? Then, can you combine all those photography and Write for Us + Photography Guest Post writing skills? Then you are the perfect candidate to present an apt online article related to photography to our team. 

Introduction to our website “ngcbelize.org”

Our platform is one of the best professional news and review platforms, providing viral and trendy news to all types of Photography + Write for Us viewers worldwide. In addition, we haven’t limited our range of topics to news alone but to more diverse discussions that cover education, health, NGO, start-up, motorcycle, business, technology, money, health care, photography, etc.

Moreover, we have also shared the review articles to make our audience more vigilant.

Write for Us + Photography writers Preferred Educational Requirements and Experience

  • Commercial photographers can share their experience with weddings, birthday shoot details, etc.; they can also share some tips and tricks in their “Write for Us” + Photography article.
  • Mommy Photographers who used to take pregnancy and newborn photoshoots are emerging day by day. Their industry is growing tremendously, so writers can also share about that.
  • Building photographers can also take part in this guest blogging opportunity.
  • Above all, anyone with excellent writing skills and a great interest in photography can also participate in this guest blogging opportunity.

Write for Us Photography Reference topics

  • Suitable lenses and camera settings for beginners
  • What are some tips for using common smartphones to take professional photos?
  • Techniques for taking high-resolution pictures using standard smartphones
  • What are the different types of photography?

Photography Write for Us articles Guidelines

  • The photography article’s word count could be between 500 and 1500.
  • Guest post-writers should list the points rather than state them in a single paragraph and use additional subheadings.
  • Kindly add some vibrant images to the article.
  • Plagiarised works won’t be gotten selected, even if they are from highly experienced “Write for Us” + “Photography” writers, so please do not do it. Instead, wow us with your writing skills.
  • The article should be presented using grammatically sound sentences, and writers should utilise grammar-checking applications to ensure this.
  • Since some professionals and readers will skim the content, the opening will provide their initial thoughts. Therefore, the Write for Us+ Photography guest poster should give a compelling introduction to pique readers’ interest.
  • Instead of making technical claims, we anticipate the authors making the article more engaging using several instances.
  • Writers can recommend specific high-quality photography equipment, but they should refrain from promoting any brand.

“Write for Us” + Photography articles SEO guidelines

  • The authors should include the primary and secondary target keywords for the articles; if they need assistance locating them, they can use the Google Keyword Planner tool to locate appropriate keywords related to the title.
  • Spam score value: 5 to 7%
  • Internal and external hyperlinks should be included in publications by authors. Having one external link and two internal links is more than enough.

Benefits to the Photography + “Write for Us” writers

  • We are the team that stands behind our words to ensure that the appropriate guest post authors are acknowledged, and we will make that happen. While publishing the author’s chosen piece, we will give them credit.
  • Because our articles have a high overall SEO score, they will typically receive more online impressions and popularity. That boosts our organic growth as well.

How to submit the Photography “Write for Us” article?

Writers willing to follow the rules above can send us their excellent work at this mail address [[email protected]]. Please include your bio in the attachment so we can appropriately credit the authors when publishing the article.


We have written exclusive guidelines for writing photography articles. We request that all the Write for Us + Photography Guest Post writers to follow these guidelines without fail, and from our side, we can assure you that all our selection processes will be transparent. So, everyone can use our platform and send their Photography works to us.

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