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Write For Us + Football Guest Post: Learn These Tips To Write An Interesting Sports Article!


The article describes how to write a Write for Us + Football Guest Post article and the basic requirements and submission rules for the writers.

Are you the type of person more interested in playing and watching football games? Can you 

write a recent trending sports article for our Write for Us + Football Guest Post readers? If your answer is positive, a golden guest blogging opportunity awaits you.

About our website “ngcbelize.org”

Our website follows the golden rule of “being unique and authentic” in whatever article we post on our Football + Write for Us forum. And we have been following this simple but efficient rule since the beginning of the website.  

And our wide range of topics includes,

  • Environment
  • Ngo
  • Legal
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  • Latest news 
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Write for Us + Football writers Required Experience and Skillset Requirements

Football is a game of emotions that unites the nation and is loved by little kids and grandparents. Similarly, football-based articles are also heavily liked by all sets of people, and that’s why we came up with this guest blogging opportunity to make everyone feel happy while reading our “Write for Us” + Football articles.

We heartily invite interested candidates to use this opportunity to make that happen.

Write for Us Football Reference topics

The writers can look at these topics below for their title quest.

  • The simple rules and regulations of the football game
  • Who are the football players scoring very well in this current scenario?
  • Write about the inspiring biographies of football players.
  • Football analysis of the ongoing football games
  • What is the injury status of the football players, if any?

Football Write for Us articles Guidelines

  • The article word length is purely dependent on the length of the article; if the writer chooses to write about any inspiring biographies of football players, then the article must be written up to 1500 words; if it’s about any health updates from the players, then the report can be written in 500 words. The word length will vary depending on the “Write for Us” + “Football” content, so don’t drag it unnecessarily.
  • The article will be immediately eliminated if it contains harsh or hateful information about players or teams.
  • Football is a global sport, as the article’s readers are! Thus, make sure to correct grammar errors.
  • The article should have 100% original content without any traces of AI or copied content.

“Write for Us” + Football articles SEO guidelines 

  • Since football is the most trending topic, we need to make it a search engine-friendly one so that it will appear in the top position in the SERP rankings, and this can be done via the SEO keywords.
  • The SEO keywords must be handled very efficiently; otherwise, it will result in keyword stuffing. Thus, writers can insert one keyword per 100 words.

Benefits to the Football + “Write for Us” writers

  • The writers will get their names published in their articles, and all our articles are freely globally accessible, so people from all over the world can see the name of the writer on our platform.
  • Our website’s terms and conditions are more accessible for writers. And it is more writers-friendly in nature.

Football “Write for Us” articles Submission Rules

  • The writers must make use of this email address[[email protected]]for their submission.
  • If they want, writers can also submit multiple submissions on different topics, and our team will carefully analyze everything and select the best ones for publishing.
  • While submitting, the writer should mandatorily send their Write for Us+ Football article in MS Word or Google Docs, but we encourage them to use Google Docs. Because our editorial team will surely ask the writer to make some corrections in the article, we can quickly correct those documents if it is in Google Docs.
  • The writer can send a small bio in the attachment to allow us to know more about you.


The article explained every detail clearly. If any Write for Us + Football Guest Post writers still need clarification about the guidelines, they can mail us directly. We have a specialized team for addressing the writers’ grievances, so don’t hesitate to ping us if needed. Come, let us cheer up the Football fans using our articles.

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