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Who are Dina Bonnevie Parents? (Mar 2023) Meet Honesto Bonnevie And Jeannette Schaer


Who are Dina Bonnevie Parents? Really take a look at this article to realize who are Dina Bonnevie’s Folks alongside Dina Bonnevie history. Dina Bonnevie is a Filipino entertainer.

Who are Dina Bonnevie’s Folks?

Dina Bonnevie is a Filipino entertainer brought into the world on 27 January 1962. Many individuals are anxious to know their number one characters’ very own life, so Who are Dina Bonnevie Parents are the most looked through point on the web. Here in this article, we should look at who is Dina Bonnevie’s folks and significantly more.

Who is the Dina Bonnevie?

Who are Dina Bonnevie Parents is a notable Filipino entertainer in the Philippine media outlet. She was brought into the world on January 27, 1962, and has been perceived as the “Twit” of her age. Bonnevie has won various honors for her acting, including 2 FAMAS Grants and 2 Luna Grants. She has likewise gotten numerous

‘Best Entertainer’s honors and selections from different honor giving bodies in the country. Preceding entering showbiz, Bonnevie was the principal sprinter up in Miss Magnolia’s 1979 Excellence Challenge. Her most memorable acting task was in the movie Enticement Island in 1980, coordinated by Joey Gosiengfiao. She is most popular for her notorious jobs in movies like Katorse (1980), Under-age (1980), Magdusa Ka! (1986), Ang Babaeng Nawawala Sarili (1989), and Gumapang Lusak (1990)

Dina Bonnevie History

Bonnevie was brought into the world on January 27, 1962, to a Swiss mother named Jeannette Schäer and a dad of French-Italian-Filipino plunge named Honesto Bonnevie. Her fatherly granddad, Pedro José de Bonnevie, was a noticeable landowner in the Bicol district and had French and Italian parentage. Her grandma, Rosita Rivera, was an entertainer from Bicol who was dynamic before The Second Great War. Bonnevie is additionally connected with artist Lou Bonnevie, as they are cousins. Bonnevie was recently hitched to entertainer Vic Sotto and they have two youngsters together who are currently both in media outlets: Oyo Kid Sotto and Danica.

Dina Bonnevie Age

Dina Bonnevie is a fruitful Filipino entertainer, brought into the world on 27 January 1962, in Quezon City, Philippines. Dina Bonnevie is 61 years of age and keeps on chipping away at different activities in media outlets. He has achieved a ton all through his vocation and has acquired enormous prevalence and a huge fan following.

Dina Bonnevie Identity

Dina Bonnevie is a Filipino entertainer and a resident of the Philippines. According to our most recent examination, Dina Bonnevie Identity is Philippine. The ethnicity of an individual is something an individual makes their country glad for by succeeding in their calling. In the event that an individual becomes popular, their ethnicity will likewise sparkle alongside their name. So it is apparent for anybody to become inquisitive about the identity of their #1 VIPs or stars.

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