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Janae Edmondson (brought into the world in 2005, age: 17 years) is a secondary school volleyball player.

She is referred to for playing volleyball as well as ball for her school. She is a young understudy at Smyrna Secondary School. She use to play for the MIDTN Volleyball club. In any case, a misfortune changed her life which happened on eighteenth February 2023. Janae confronted a mishap after which both of her legs were sliced off by specialists to save her life.

She met a fender bender in St Louis, Missouri where she went with her family for her Volleyball competition on eighteenth February 2023. She was hospitalized after which she lost her the two legs because of significant wounds in her legs. She was hit by an unlicensed vehicle driver who was driving Audi Vehicle.

Have some familiarity with Janae Edmondson’s ongoing Ailment

According to the GoFundme Page made by Mid TN Volleyball Club to help the Janae Edmondson family to meet her medical clinic charges, she was shipped off St Louis clinic. Club revealed that subsequent to going through a medical procedure Janae’s ailment is presently steady. On 23rd February 2023, an update was made on the GoFundme page in which it was shared that Janae has started communicating with her family as she opened her eyes after numerous days.

Janae Edmondson Account (Adolescence)

Janae Edmondson is a local of Smyrna, Tennessee. She is living with her family in Tennessee. Yet, she went to St Louis to go to her Volleyball Competition. She was strolling towards the lodging with her folks subsequent to finishing her volleyball competition in St Louis. However, there she met with a mishap and her whole life got changed. She is an understudy at Smyrna Secondary School.

Family (Identity, Nationality

Allow us to let you know that Janae Edmondson is the girl of Mr. James Edmondson and Francine Edmondson. Her dad is resigned from the military. He utilized his tactical experience to save his girl’s life and immediately sent her to the emergency clinic. As indicated by James’ Facebook profile then he has stayed an understudy of electrical designing at Athens Specialized School. In 2020 he joined Marelli At Calsonic Kansei as Quality Agent II.

Janae Edmondson Connections – Spouse, Beau

Peeping into the individual existence of Janae Edmondson then we have not found any piece of information connected with her carry on with life. As she is a teen she was not dating anybody before she met the mishap. However, as she has now lost her the two legs later on she will confront trouble to track down an ideal accomplice for her.

While we accept that she will certainly get a sweetheart who will acknowledge her with prosthetics and will uphold her through her life. She is an extraordinary future ahead and will certainly make a major in her profession which will assist her with getting hitched too without any problem.

Does the Driver Who struck Janae Edmondson got captured?

On eighteenth February 2023, Janae Edmondson met a mishap when an unlicensed Audi driver went through a caution sign and struck a vehicle that flew in the air and hit her when she was available in St Louis. She was then shipped off the medical clinic where she sought five star therapy and made due.

Allow us to let you know that the Driver who was driving Audi is distinguished by police as 21 years of age Daniel Riley. He was driving a vehicle at a speed of 45mph in a 20 mph zone when he struck the young person.

Riley is as of now having to deal with criminal penalties as he was out of prison on bail for a burglary episode. He was driving without a permit. At the point when he got distinguished police seen that Riley abused the particulars of the GPS observing wristband. He was then captured on the spot and was sent under care for a few counts of attack, including second-degree attack.

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