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Hati Target Review (Oct) Is This An Online Scam Site?

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Hati Target Review: A new shopping portal is offering the latest household items. However, is this new portal can be trusted? Kindly verify its legitimacy via this write-up.

Hello, audience! Hope all of you are doing well. If you are browsing to purchase household appliances, then you should not skip this write-up.

Yes, again, we have come up with a brand new shopping site review that claims to be a hub of all-purpose household gadgets.

The online buyers of the United States are looking forward to getting details about this site. So let’s start our Hati Target Review and determine its legitimacy-

Hati Target:

Hati Target is a newly created shopping portal that mainly focuses on selling household products. The entire operation is operated in the United States. According to the site’s information, it mainly focuses on customer satisfaction. Its main motto is to create a user-friendly shopping platform and provide the best shopping experience to its consumers.

The Home page has a distinct ‘Shop’ menu where buyers will find various categories of products like Ice Cream Maker, Printers, Oral Care, Retro Gaming, Film Cameras, Instant Photo-Printer, Headphones, Blenders, TV and Home Theater, etc.

Specifications of Hati Target:

  • Reviews: No  Hati Target Review  is obtainable on the site.
  • Address Details: 320, N-Clark Rd., Cedar Hill, TX- 75104, USA
  • Website Link: https://hatitarget.com/
  • Products: The site has been developed to sell various household products.
  • Email ID: [email protected]
  • Phone Number: (972) 382-5633
  • Delivery Details: There is no specific timing has been mentioned. The delivery time will be based on the choosing shipping methods.
  • Shipping Costs: It offers free shipping; however, there are some paid shipping processes.
  • Exchange Process: No information is given.
  • Cancellation Policy: Not available.
  • Return: Available within 30days, but there are some terms.
  • Refund: Available; it takes one week.
  • Is Hati Target Legit: It doesn’t look legit.
  • Payment: Visa, Stripe, PayPal, Cash on Delivery, MasterCard.

What are the Advantages of Shopping from Hati Target?

  • Multiple household items are available.
  • The product’s description is given.
  • Several payment modes are accepted.
  • COD can be obtainable.
  • Return can be obtainable within 30 days’ time window.

What are the Cons of Shopping from Hati Target?

  • Exchange process and cancellation policy details are not provided.
  • The trust index is bad.
  • Reviews are missing.
  • Social media links are missing.
  • The site is not professionally made.
  • The portal has not yet reached its target audiences.

Is Hati Target Legit?

We advise our audience that before spending your hard-earned money on any recent-made shopping site, please check whether the portal is legit! Please read this section to know Hati Target is legit or fake-

  • Website Launched Date: The portal was launched on 27th April 2021.
  • Address Legitimacy: Address is on Google map.
  • Trust Index: Awful, only 1%
  • Owner Details: Manatarget.com operates it.
  • Popularity: It is not gained fame yet.
  • Missing Details: Cancellation, exchange policy details are missing.
  • Social Media Links: Social media logos are available, but they are not taking us to Hati Target’s social page.  
  • Reviews: It lacks Hati Target Review.
  • Plagiarism: The site has plagiarized content. Around 75% of content are copied.
  • Broken Link: The email ID can be considered as a broken link.
  • Registered As: It is registered as hatitarget.com.
  • Payment Gateways: Several options are provided.

There is no reason to consider this site a legit one, as it is recently launched with a shallow trust index. Hence, it can be categorized as suspicious.

What are consumers’ Hati Target Remarks?

The site does not gain any review on the Hati Target site. We did not notice any separate remarks section; moreover, the selling products did not have reviews.

On TrustPilot, the Hati Target Review is missing. Additionally, there is no customers’ comments on other review sites as well.

On Hati Target, several social media logos such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest are provided; nevertheless, those logos are false, as they did not take us to its official social media profile. Hence, we cannot say it has any link with leading virtual media. You can click here .


The recently started site is devoted to providing high-quality household products and top-notch customer service. Are you a victim of PayPal scams? Please check the link

But it has several lacks and loopholes such as a low trust index, no social media link, no Hati Target Reviewseveral missing information. All the loopholes determine the site is not worth using, and people who want to use it should re-verify again. If you are a victim of a Credit Card scam, kindly read this.

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