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Allianz Class Action KPMG: Check The Courtroom Order 2024!      


Understand the reasons behind the Supreme Court of Victoria’s directive to the Allianz group members by examining and knowing Allianz Class Action KPMG data analysis.


  • The Victoria Supreme Court issued the e-mail, text, and other communications associated with the KPMG Allianz Class Action.
  • The promoted add-on insurance is mentioned in the KPMG communication medium regarding the class action of the Allianz group.
  • Through text messages, regular e-mails, or e-mails, Many eligible members of the Allianz group across Timor-Leste, Australia, and surrounding territories have been receiving registration notifications from the Allianz group stating the KPMG class action. 

Allianz Class Action KPMG:

Bank information is not necessary for Allianz users or group members. The registrants are required to keep their bank information private and confidential during this process. 

About Allianz Class Action KPMG

Allianz group users and members can safely browse the product information and get access to the linked file if they receive any notifications via regular e-mail, text message, or e-mail to the group members by the official Allianz group.

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The Allianz Class Action Lawsuit procedure provides a list of the precise statements that every member of the Allianz group needs to be informed of. It will help you understand the Victoria Supreme Court’s directives sent to the memebers nad users associated with the Allianx group.

Quick Wiki of Allianz Insurance Class Action:

You may understand each term used by Allianz group’s KPMG class action lawsuit through the table below:

Lawsuit name Allianz Class Action KPMG
Enrolment date July 15th 2024
Loan protect insurance The repayment insurance or consumer credit insurance
Insurances Extended motor warranty, Rim and tire insurance
Motor equity insurance Value protect insurance, or guaranteed asset protection insurance, GAP insurance, or Purchase price insurance.

Allianz Class Action Lawsuit information:    

KPMG will send qualifying Alliance group members a reminder via text message or regular electronic mail from 11 June 2024 to 25 June 2024. The notification from the Allianz group will be issued during working or operational hours to both group members and Alliance group users. 

Allianz Class Action Lawsuit information

Members of Allianz Insurance can examine the specifics of the enrolling procedure via the registered Allianz Insurance or Allianz group’s official web page. These eligible candidates are members of the Allianz group.

The Victoria Supreme Court has confirmed receipt of the message. The AI Class Section and MTA Class Action communicate that these are two distinct issues and that users must register to access them.

Some details on the KPMG Allianz Class Action:

  • The following are the directions that the Victoria Supreme Court has issued about the Allianz group’s class action until 2024, as well as the soft class closure: 
  • The Allianz Class Action KPMG notices are sent to members of the Allianz group. 
  • They will receive them through text message, letter, or their private e-mail address from Allianz Group or Allianz Life. 
  • The notices were to be sent to all of the Allianz group’s eligible members during business hours, but they were transmitted between 13 May 2024 and 27 May 2024.


The Victoria Supreme Court issued a notice to all Allianz users and group members. It is a class action over promoted add-on insurance. The final day for enrolling in the Alliance group litigation and submitting a compensation claim is 15 July 2024 at 4:00 p.m. (AEST). click here

Check this site soon to peruse the comprehensive procedure of the Allianz Class Action KPMG. We will shortly publish an exhaustive explanation of the procedure and the latest updates.

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