The NGC is pleased to announce that they are launching the following projects:

Hamalal Radio Expansion Project (UNESCO)

Dancing and Drumming Workshop (World Bank)

Hamalali Radio Expansion Project

The National Garifuna Council is pleased to announce that a grant for the expansion of the Hamalali Radio Station has been approved by UNESCO. The funding will cover the expansion and upgrade of the Hamalali Radio Station (100.1 FM) so that the station can be received throughout Belize and into southern Guatemala and Honduras. In addition to the new equipment, an intensive training program will be set up for new disc jockeys. Each DJ will undergo a technical training program to learn to use the new equipment. In addition, each DJ will participate in an intensive Garifuna language program that will allow them to broadcast in Garifuna. Once the project is completed Hamalali Radio will be Belize’s first community based/indigenous peoples’ radio station. This exciting project is being led by Project Manager, Emeni Cayetano. He may be reached at

Dancing and drumming workshop

Grant from the World Bank Indigenous Peoples Fund

The National Garifuna Council is pleased to announce that a grant for a Garifuna dancing and drumming workshop has been received from the World Bank Indigenous Peoples fund. The goal of the workshop is to strengthen and promote the Garifuna culture as well as support creation of small cultural based businesses. The workshop will teach cultural customs to Garifuna youth through dancing, drumming, sewing of traditional costumes, music appreciation and improving of Garifuna language skills.

Where and when will the workshop be held?

The workshop will be held in Dangriga from July 25 ? August 20. Garifuna dancer and choreographer, Eleanor Castillo Bullock and Garifuna composer / singer James Lovell, will facilitate the workshop. Both artists, born in Dangriga, currently live in New York. Eleanor has a B.Sc. in visual and performing arts from Syracuse University and was for 6 years the Artistic Director and choreographer of the successful Ilagulei Garifuna Performing Arts company in New York. James Lovell is a music teacher and the vice president of Ilagulei.

Who can participate?

A total of 20 youths (male and female) from age 12 ? 26 will be invited / selected to participate (two from each branch) together with 5 youth leaders and 5 musicians. During the workshop participants will stay with Garifuna families in Dangriga and cultural excursions to e.g. The Gulisi Garifuna Museum will be arranged.

If you are Garifuna between age 12 ? 26 and interested in this special opportunity to work with Eleanor Bullock and James Lovell you need to express (in either a letter, essay, artwork, recording, etc.):

* What does ?cultural preservation mean to me??
* Why would I like to participate in this workshop?

Also, you should indicate if you are currently a member of a dancing/drumming group (name of group, years participating, role in group (dancer, drummer, leader etc.)) or have previous experience from a group.

Applications should be sent (by mail or email) no later than June 20th, 2005 to

National Garifuna Council
Pablo Lambey Building
175 Commerce Street
Email: with a copy to

The envelope / email should be marked: ?Garifuna Dance Project? Make sure that your name, address and contact details are clearly written.

A panel including Phyllis Cayetano, Eleanor Bullock and members of existing dance groups will make the final selection of participants.

This provides an extraordinary opportunity to work with Garifuna Dancers and Musicians who have successfully established a professional and popular Garifuna Dance Company and can offer inspiration and renewal into traditional customs. At the end of the workshop three gala performances are planned in: Dangriga, Punta Gorda and at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts in Belize City.

For more information please call Phyllis Cayetano at 522 2195 (home) or 522 2096 (work)